Eagle Fastener & Supply LLC

Remember when service mattered? You went to get your car filled up with gas at the local service station and the attendant checked your tires, checked your oil, and washed your windshield. The hardware store actually had people that knew what they were doing and was happy to help you. There was no such thing as self serve checkouts. You knew your butcher and he knew what you wanted for your family.

Eagle Fastener & Supply LLC was created in July 2007 because we saw a need for a fastener distributor that would truly provide GOOD service to the OEM, MRO, and construction market. We have been in the business working for other distributors since 1982 and we have found that no one truly cared about the customers' needs. They all talked about service but they did not measure up in our opinion. We believe that a service oriented company has a place in today's market. What good is it to shop for your needs all over town when what you really want is a company that you can partner with to provide you with quality products, at a fair price, and when you need it.

At Eagle Fastener & Supply our small but dedicated staff will be happy to assist you in your fastener needs. We are supplying all types of hardware, quality drill bits, cut off wheels, spray paints from Aervoe, and driver bits.

We welcome a call, e-mail, or fax to try us out.

104 Challenger Court
Sanford, FL 32771
Phone 407-302-1505
Fax 407-302-1507
e-mail sales@eaglefastener.com